JA Edenite Not so much time has passed, namely the small year on our calendar. We looked back and decided to share with you what we saw. Those, who do not know, our year ends in March and begins in April. Because that’s when our company was officially opened. Last year, there were many interesting events for both us and our partners.

We have signed contracts with 7 new major distributors so our online stores have received some great quality goods.

This great news has made it possible for our wholesalers to offer a much larger range of goods. And it was wonderful practically every day we received positive feedback from our customers.

More than 15 young brands have approached us, whom we have developed their brand together with. It was an invaluable experience and a good collaboration. Each of us got what we expected. And we’re really glad it happened.

Our customer base has increased by 150 thousand new regular readers. They keep track of our news, promotions and great discounts. Every time we try to surprise them and we know that it works out for us.

This humble news was made possible by close collaboration of many people, companies and enterprises. We have been working on this all year long. To all our partners, friends and those, who have joined and entrusted us, we address with a great tribute. We are glad to have spent this year with you!

 Thank you for being with us all this year!


Russtas LTD team.